I was using an online blackjack probability calculator and the results table showed this:

Move Value
Surrender -0.500000
Stand -0.116167
Hit +0.110070
Double +0.200517

(Table 1: Probabilities for a 5, A hand against a dealer 6

I want to display these decimals as a “winning percentage” such as “Stand = 12%” or “Hit = 56%”, where the sum of all such percentages will equal 100%. I am making gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto where they play in a casino, and I wanted my viewers to be able to easily comprehend the probabilities. However I can’t figure out how to convert these given decimals into percentage values that sum up to 100%. I tried converting them to Z-scores and then to tailed percentages but didn’t work out, maybe I miscalculated, or maybe they’re not Z-score values but something else?

I would appreciate your help, thank you!

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