Hello r/blackjack! My name is JP I’m a professional slot player and founder of Slotconomy.com. I know that what I am about to talk about isn’t blackjack however it is advantage play in a very similar way that card counters get an edge in blackjack. We both live and thrive in the same circles so I wanted to bring this communities attention to this unique thing! So first, let’s talk about this as a concept. It may seem impossible or scammy or BS, but it’s not, so how is it possible? It can function in a few different ways.

-The second and also uncommon way would be when machines are added or removed on the gaming floor and excess jackpot money is shuffled around, making a previously unbeatable machine now +EV.

-The third and by far the most consistent is by taking advantage of machines that are actually designed in a way that can benefit you.

The first two items on this list aren’t worth much talking about beyond what was already said so let’s talk more about the third item on the list. How can this be a thing? Well it’s honestly due to human psychology and game designers getting more creative with slots to encourage play. Instead of a slot just paying out randomly, by adding “fun” game features such as collecting items or working towards some goal, it can encourage casino patrons to continue to play. Some of these features that are collected are “left behind” when a player leaves, and when the next player sits down to play it continues where they left off. By strategically choosing when to jump in and start or stop playing some specific slot machines, (much like raising your bets when the count is in your favor) you can play only when you have an edge and stop playing when you don’t. The casino is still overall collecting a profit from the games, the less savvy patrons before you simply lose more, and you win more, than your fair share. Also to note, at most casinos this is acceptable behavior and will not result in ejection whereas card counters often face scrutiny from the eye in the sky. Because you are not directly impacting the casinos bottom line (though you are indirectly, by taking more money that was meant for regular customers and not feeding back into the casino ecosystem) you are able to do these activities much more freely, resulting in more money in your pocket and things like better casino perks (think: free hotel rooms, bonus slot play, etc) To illustrate the concepts discussed here with actual footage of correctly playing slots, feel free to check out this video on my YouTube page. https://youtu.be/G2roTze21Ig And I’m here to answer as many of your questions as I can.

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