Online Blackjack: how to play?

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular european board games. In this article we will explain everything you need to know to play online and bookmakers where you can find excellent bonuses to play blackjack online for free.

How to play blackjack online?

The rules of online european blackjack are generally the same as when you play in a casino. You just want to make sure that is the case, since online casinos usually offer different types of blackjack games.

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer in one of these ways: get 21 points in the first two cards of the game, without the dealer taking blackjack or reaching a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21.

There are other players in online blackjack but you don’t have to worry about them, you just play against the dealer and nothing else.

You’ll want to follow these steps to play in an online casino. The first is to place your bet. Online blackjack games begin with choosing the amount you want to bet on one hand. The minimums and maximums depend on the house, so you always want to make sure what they are, but usually they are € 1, € 5 € 25, or € 100.

After choosing the amount, click on “Deal” to receive your letters. At this moment, depending on what cards you got, you are going to choose the dealer from another card (Hit), keep the ones you already have (Stay) or choose to place a second bet, in exchange for receiving another card (Double down) .

Once you have chosen an action, the software will act according to what you choose. When the hand is over, you will win money or lose your bet, depending on the outcome of the hand.

If you have a blackjack (21) or the total amount of your hand is higher than that of the dealer without exceeding 21, you win. But if the dealer has a higher hand or if you go over 21, you lose automatically regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Types of online blackjack games

For starters, online casinos usually offer two versions for blackjack: blackjack video and live online blackjack.

They are very similar, but the most notable difference is that for the blackjack video the cards are generated randomly. In live online blackjack the real dealer deals the cards manually at the start of the game.

You will also see two different styles of online blackjack. The first is the American style and the second is the European style. One of the differences is that the number of decks is different, in the European they only use two but in the American they use 6 to 8.

The other difference is in how the dealer deals the cards. In the American the dealer deals his two cards at the same time, one face up, the other face down. In the European version, the dealer only gives one card face up and the second one deals it after the players receive their hand.

Now all variants follow, online blackjack offers many. As we mentioned at the beginning, this is where you want to make sure if there is a change of rules. These changes can affect the dealer as well as you as a player.

When we visited the different casinos, these types were the most common:

  • Vegas Strip
  • Use 4 decks
  • The player has the option of splitting two Ace once
  • You can double your bet with any hand
  • Blackjack Switch
  • 1: 1 is paid
  • If the dealer adds 22 or more, the player recovers his bet
  • This is considered a draw, not a blackjack
  • The player receives two hands of two cards
  • You can exchange the second card of one hand with the second of the other
  • Perfect couples
  • Add the possibility of placing an additional bet called “Perfect Couple”
  • You win if your two cards make a couple
  • Two 7 or two 10
  • Earnings increase if the couple is the same color or stick

Are there any bookmaker bonuses to play blackjack?

Of course! Many of the casinos know that players love blackjack. That is why they offer interesting welcome bonuses so you can enjoy everything they offer.

The range of offers can be from online blackjack without money or free online blackjack, to doubles of deposits. Some casinos also offer weekly bonuses for different games.

Here we have some of the best operators in Spain and the welcome bonuses they offer in our opinion. Everyone gives you the opportunity to enjoy online blackjack without money. We will explain exactly what it is and what you must do to receive them.

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